Does Bigrock offer domain privacy protection free?


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You are a new buyer and you want to know more about Bigrock. Does Bigrock offer domain privacy protection free?

goweborderthis · Does Bigrock offer domain privacy protection free?
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That is the most curious question that a lot of new users want to know.

Before answering this question let me introduce a little bit about Bigrock.

BigRock is an ICANN accredited leading provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals, and individuals.

Bigrock offers domain registrations, renewals, and transfers for over 360 top level and country code domains.

BigRock provides domains at the most competitive rates, up to 80% less than other domain registrars.

Bigrock has two business websites and is for India-centric businesses and displays prices in rupees. is for international clients: prices are in U.S. dollars.
You can purchase domain, web hosting services at both and Both sites work well for customers.

Does Bigrock offer domain privacy protection free?

Every time you buy a domain name, your personal details like e-mail address, phone number, etc. are made public via WHOIS, as mandated by ICANN law.

If you do not turn on the privacy protection feature, email address, real name, home address, a phone number might display to the public. Once someone does a Whois lookup all this information will be displayed.

Enable Domain Privacy Protection helps you mask your real contact details with the placeholder data of Bigrock.

To get this premium feature, you can pay a little fee when registering a new domain name at Bigrock.

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Payment methods

You can pay for any purchases using any of the following Credit Cards:

  • Visa / Master
  • American Express
  • Discover

You can pay BigRock using your PayPal account:

  • PayPal balance
  • PayPal credit cards

That is all information for you.

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