What is Whois Privacy?


You are looking for What is Whois Privacy, isn’t it? Let me explain to you what is domain privacy? why do you need to hide your privacy out of the web?

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Domain privacy (often called Whois privacy) is a service offered by several domain name registrars. A domain name registrar is a place where web developers, website owners, or business buy domain names. Not only domain names, but the domain name registrar also offers other services such as web hosting, web builder, SSL certificate, more.

Why are you need to know more about Whois privacy information?

Once a user buys the domain name at the domain name registrar, it needs to provide the private information of the user such as a home address, phone number, email address, real name to complete the order. This information is also provided to Icann, an American multistakeholder group and nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the networks stable and secure operation.

What is Whois Domain Lookup?

A Whois domain lookup allows you to trace the ownership and tenure of a domain name. Similar to how all houses are registered with governing authority, all domain name registries maintain a record of information.

There are thousands of web out there that offer free service Whois Domain Lookup to expose the users’ domain privacy to the web. People curious Who is behind the domain name so they decide to look up that domain name. That’s the reason why the Whois Domain Lookup was born.

Why do you need to hide your privacy out of the web?

If the user does not enable Whois privacy hidden feature, the private information of that user might expose to the world wide web. Any website listed Whois domain name search can see the users’ private information includes the domain name. And the robot and spammer might scan this information to get the benefits from that data. They can spam email, make a phone call to the user with that info. Those might make you live to disturb. Believe me, you don’t want to get this issue any bit, isn’t it?

So, the user needs to enable Whois Privacy features when ordering the domain name to seal the private information like home address, real name, email, and phone number out of the world wide web.

Note: Some domain name registrars offer Free Whois privacy while some other registrars might have extra fees for Whois privacy.

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